Enroll to talk about neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) with someone who has experienced it

How It Works
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How it works

Peer Connects is a phone-based program that offers support for patients and caregivers. We connect you with someone who either lives with NMOSD or cares for someone with NMOSD.

Your conversations are conducted with respect and are not recorded. It’s an opportunity to talk, listen, and make a connection.

How It Can Help

A chance to talk to someone who’s
familiar with NMOSD

Once you enroll, we’ll connect you to one of our NMOSD STAR Ambassadors. Because they have personal experience with NMOSD, they can:

Take you through their NMOSD diagnosis journey, or that of someone they care for

Share personal stories and experiences you might find relatable

Provide support and assistance along your NMOSD journey

What should you keep in mind as you enroll?

Matches are personalized

You’ll be matched with an NMOSD STAR Ambassador based on your experiences, your needs, your topics of interest, and where you are in your NMOSD journey.

Privacy is protected

NMOSD STAR Ambassadors are volunteers who are screened and trained. You will use a line that keeps your phone number private.

Schedules are considered

Based on the schedules of both the patient and the NMOSD STAR Ambassador, you’ll choose a time to talk. Then, in a one-to-one phone call, you can ask questions and seek support on your terms.

What if I want to become an NMOSD STAR Ambassador?

What if I want to become an NMOSD STAR Ambassador?

If you’d like to learn more about being an NMOSD STAR Ambassador, contact us by phone or email:

Phone: 1.844.378.2127

Email: mystory@starambassador.com

What kind of questions can I ask?

What kind of questions can I ask?

NMOSD STAR Ambassadors can share their experiences with NMOSD. You can ask them questions and hear about the lessons they’ve learned.

NMOSD STAR Ambassadors will offer support and conversation, but not medical advice; for that, please talk to your healthcare provider.

Can I pick my NMOSD STAR Ambassador?

Can I pick my NMOSD STAR Ambassador?

Not exactly. But on your enrollment form, you can include a few details about yourself, your challenges, and your topics of interest. Those details will help us match you with an NMOSD STAR Ambassador who can best meet your needs.

Will my information be private?

Will my information be private?

Yes. Calls are private and not recorded. Someone will silently monitor calls for training and safety.

NMOSD STAR Ambassadors receive only a few of your details: first name, your topics of interest, and any specific questions you provided when enrolling.

What if I’m not sure what to say?

What if I’m not sure what to say?

That’s OK. You don’t have to talk much if you don’t want to. You can just ask your NMOSD STAR Ambassador to talk about their experiences and offer you some tips and advice. They can also tell you about advocacy groups and resources that may help you.

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